Kelly Mantel

About Kelly Mantel

Kelly is a fitness enthusiast within the sport of triathlon.


  • » Credentialed - in Athletic Trainers Sports Medicine with Sports Fitness and Therapy
  • » Certified - Safety Swim Coaching, Water Fitness, Physical Therapist Aide, Yoga Max Instructor, Spin Cycling Instructor

Kelly has worked with a former Rams coach, Coach Farrel, and Olympic gold medalist and coach Tony Turner. These highly experienced coaches have given Kelly their knowledge on how to help athletic clients get to where they want in competition.

Much of her experience is in coaching classes such as Master's Swim, Sports Conditioning, as well as general Fitness and Wellness. She enjoys seeing her clients train to healthier lifestyles and helps them reach the expectations of their fitness goals!

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Kelly has had a successful competitive career. She took first place in her first 5K run at Newport Beach. Kelly placed in the top 5 in her age division at 5K, 10K and 1/2 marathons in 1986-1996. In college, she was a lead runner in women's cross-country. She also competed on the women's swim team in freestyle and breaststroke. From 1994-2002, Kelly completed 6 marathons, 4 1/2 marathons, 9 endurance triathlons including the Special Warfare Triathlon Superfrog, the Ironman, Vineman Full and the 1/2 Sonoma County; and 6 Olympic Distance Triathlons.

Competitions in 2013

  • Super Seal Triathlon
  • Las Vegas Triathlon
  • San Diego International Triathlon
  • Malibu Triathlon